Mr. Zhao Qingquan's Presentation on Penjing in Toronto

Mr. Zhao Qingquan's Creations

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Mr. Zhao Qingquan is an internationally acclaimed artist. He was born in 1949 at Yangzhou, China. He is now the Chief technician of the Yangzhou Penjing Garden; the Vice president of the China Penjing Artists Association

At his young age, he was affected by the family love penjing which nurtured him a deep interest in the art. He learnt advance in the art from Professor Xu Xiaobai, and he has been working in the Penjing field more than 30 years. His creations excel the combination of traditional culture, modern aesthetic and the expression in the poetry style. He is particularly famous for his landscapes and forest arrangements. He won lots of awards and prizes at various competitions in China and in overseas countries. He had written several books. "Chinese Penjing", "Analyse the artistic shape-form of Chinese Penjing", and "Penjing: Worlds of Wonderment."

He has been invited to attend totally over 60 his presentations in the United States, Canada, Venezuela, France, Italy, Australia, Japan, India and Malaysia. These raise the effectives of the Chinese penjing culture in the world bonsai field.

Respectively in Oct. 1994 and in May, 2001 the Nation Authorities of China honored him titles "the Master of Chinese Penjing Artists".


All pictures are copied from the book "Penjing: Worlds of Wonderment" authorized by Karin Albert.

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