Mr. Zeng XienHua's Creations

Mr. Zeng Xianhua is a penjing enthusiast. He began to create his penjing since 1988. During the past 10 years, he had written numbers of articles about the artistry of Chinese penjing and published over 30 photos of his masterpieces of penjing on magazines and periodicals. In several challenges, he had won awards honour from the Lingnam school of Pengjing Exhibitions of various regions, such as in Quangdong, Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan. He wrote a book called “Treatment and Admiration on the shape-form of a Tree Penjing”; also he is a joint writer of the book named “Nursery and Admiration on Forest Penjing, Fruit Penjing and Leaf Penjing”. He resides in Yangjiang. By his effort on spreading the Lingnam school of penjing and interchange of knowledge with other penjing enthusiasts will give a great contribution to the Chinese penjing field on the future development.

Part 1

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